Crossing Over

close up of tree against sky
Photo by Pixabay on

I know a heavenly, alluring place which might be the perfect example of the exotic, where there is cold chilly mornings despite the seasons, warm sunny days, breezy colorful springs and heart-melting, pouring monsoons. That is my home.

   I live in a place which could be an ideal getaway for many and a far-fetched dream of a vacation for many others who love green and peace.

  It is a place where no one really cares about carb-intake or calories, but only a wholesome meal with a plate full of stuff. It is a place where people who live 5 miles apart know each other, where these tiny churches would be filled with thousands of God-fearing people….., where Nike, Vera Wang or Gucci, or french/Italian food doesn’t mean much of anything…..,  where mesmerizing starry nights and the milky moonlight would make you fall in love with life over and over again……, where the sun rises and sets leaving magical shades on the leaves and shoots just outside of my window…….I could go and on because it is a true blessing of a place.


     Many of us must get a feeling, at the least once in our life that we are out of place, I am sure. Well, I always thought the place I just described is too good to be true. It always left me baffled and   scatterbrained that I am living there while the most spend their spare time fantasizing about visiting such a scenic venue! Some of us would be familiar with the notion of getting away from something because that something is so damn perfect and getting away is the only thing that makes sense, short of ruining it. That is why home for me is a fantasy so outside of reach that I wouldn’t dare reach.

blur boy close up dark
Photo by Nikolai Ulltang on

I remember the first time I came down here, I was a kid and it poured here, which is so not like the city.

   The long curvy lines of red lay ahead formed of break lights in a rush to get home after a long day of work amused me. The view outside the car window while we floated around the city – of unfamiliar togetherness and the manner of extending the day a little into the nights, was appealing to me. The belief offered by the anonymity that I can be anyone, anywhere in this raving eccentricity, excited me.

   It was in no time that I added this city into my list of ‘Things to do before I turn, well, a certain age’. Even if I fell short on so many items on that list, I am happy that I made it to this one when I did. As much as I love to keep ‘the out-of-reach’ engraved in my thoughts, I seem to love and belong in the rush more.


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